The municipality of Ede has over 110.000 inhabitants. It is a rapidly developing residential and business area, rich in greenery, with continually expanding economic activity. Provisions in the field of education, culture and health are keeping apace with this. Does this surprise you?

Perhaps because you only know Ede as a holiday area, famous for its woods, heathland, drifting sands and the Hoge Veluwe National Park where the Museonder (Subterranean Museum) and the Kröller-Müller Museum are located. All this is true, but Ede is so much more.

Living in the municipality of Ede

The municipality of Ede consists of the city of Ede and surrouding towns and villages: Bennekom, Lunteren, Ederveen, De Klomp, Harskamp, Wekerom and Otterlo. A part of Hoenderloo and Deelen also falls within the municipality.
The city of Ede will undergo substantial construction in the coming years. In addition to urban renovation, to increase the residential function of the centre, 3,500 new homes will be built in the new neighbourhood Kernhem, located on the North side of Ede town. Limited new building projects will also be carried out in the surrounding villages, to meet local requirement.

Business in Ede

Ede is particularly attractive to companies, because of such factors as its strategic location in the heart of the Netherlands. The level of facilities in Ede is high, and includes a customs office and an Intercity station. By road, Ede is accessible via the motorways A12 and the A30. Ede has various industrial areas. There are sites for offices (service companies) and research institutes, for industry, transport and logistics and for high-tech companies. Large corporations such as Riedel Drinks, Deli XL and RVS are based in Ede.

And the army has long been an important employer. Furthermore, Ede also enjoys a national reputation as a conference town, with venues such as `De Reehorst` and `De Werelt`. Ede is therefore highly active: there are over 8,000 companies in the area providing employment for almost 55,000 people.


The regional hospital `De Gelderse Vallei` offers the inhabitants of Gelderland Valley a high level of care and an extensive range of medical specialisations. In addition to this, Ede is the seat of regional institutions for social services and mental healthcare.


Ede offers a wide selection in the field of education. In addition to primary and secondary education - VMBO (lower general), HAVO (upper general) and VWO (pre-university) - lower (MBO) and higher vocational education (HBO) are also strongly represented. Thousands of MBO students are part of the A12 Education Group: a regional education centre for occupational training and education at MBO level. Institutions such as the Ede Technical College, the Neder-Veluwe College and Education Ede have combined their forces within this group.

The `Christelijke Hogeschool Ede` (CHE) is a christian university of applied sciences and provides professional education for more than 4.200 students in the fields of nursing, (primary) education, theology, business administration, human resource management, journalism, communication and social studies. Also, the department CHE-Transfer offers higher education for adults through post-bachelor courses and professional training, as well as consultation and research for companies en organisations. Other specific higher education courses, such as agricultural and horticultural science, are also available within the municipality. For adults, other abundant educational programmes are offered as well (MAVO, HAVO, VWO and technical courses).

Nature and tourism

Ede consists of expansive green areas, some of which have an agrarian function. Woods, heathland and drifting sands provide the natural scenery for those seeking peace and quiet. The municipality of Ede also contains miles of footpaths, cycle and bridle paths. Ede is particularly proud of the famous `Hoge Veluwe National Park`. Deelen airfield and the Deeler forest also form part of the municipality.

Dutch people like to spend their holidays in their own country, and are doing so more and more frequently. This can be seen in Ede. Each year, over 2 million tourists stay in Ede. Holiday accommodation facilities have increased significantly. There are camp sites for families and nature lovers, and camping on farmer's land has also become highly popular over the past few years.
And it goes without saying that there are holiday villages, hotels and restaurants. In other words, there is someting for everyone.

Ede overflows with events and activities in the summertime. There are performances in the splendid open-air theatre, summer evenings markets, a sheep market, and local art and music festivals, including the famous 'Heideweek'.

For more tourist information visit the website of `Tourist Information Center VVV` (Dutch and German only).

Shopping, eating out and recreation

Ede works continuously on improving the level of facilities, which is why Ede town centre is currently undergoing a major facelift. Considerable expansion is in progress, in terms of housing, shops and offices. This programme also includes the 'Cultura' complex. The facilities are: the central library, the Centre of Music and Dance, the KREK Centre for artistic education and a multifunctional theatre.

Upon entering Ede from the A12, you are greeted by the spectacular 'Stadspoort' shopping centre entrance. This shopping centre connects the residential areas Maandereng and Rietkampen. All the communities outside the city of Ede are similarly provided with sufficient shopping facilities.

There is no shortage of eating and drinking establishments either. As well as renowned restaurants and hotels, there is an abundance of cosy bistros, pubs, outdoor cafes and discos.

Numerous organisations and clubs make sure that Ede is a hive of activity in terms of sport, games, music, singing, dance and theatre. Ede has indoor and outdoor facilities for almost every sport, including tennis courts, an exellent new athletics track and a rink for ice and inline skating. And swimmers will find an indoor pool equipped with every convenience.


The municipality of Ede has several museums, including the word-famous Kröller-Müller Museum, the Dutch Tile Museum in Otterlo, which houses a unique collection of tiles and tile tableaux, and the Museum of Sight and Sound in Bennekom. 'The Kröller-Müller Museum', beautifully situated in the heart of the 'Hoge Veluwe National Park', contains around 300 works by Vincent van Gogh and the works of many Dutch impressionists. The museum is surrounded by a sculpture garden, stretching over 11-hectares. Not far from the museum, you will find the beautiful Saint Hubertus hunting lodge, designed by the famous architect Berlage. A futher exceptional feature of the National Park is the 'Museonder': the first subterranean museum in the world. A number of prominent galleries are located in the municipality of Ede, such as Simonis & Buunk.

Finally, the country estates of 'Kernhem' and 'Hoekelum' are also of great cultural and historic interest.