Airborne Landings and Commemoration

During the annual Airborne commemoration, we honor the heroes of Operation Market Garden on the Ginkel Heath together with veterans, guests and visitors. The commemoration goes hand in hand with the para drops of 11 Air Brigade and a visitors program for young and old. Together we commemorate, remember and experience the past. Whether that is on the Ginkel Heath or from home by watching the live broadcast on television or social media.

The organization is grateful that the Airborne Landings and Commemoration will be held this year, abide with a limited and adapted program. This means we can welcome fewer visitors and all must register for a free ticket in advance. To give all interested parties the opportunity to follow the activities, we invite everyone to follow it live via Omroep Gelderland and our livestream on social media.

Mayor René Verhulst: “The history of the Airborne landings is connected to us, to Ede. We recognize the importance of commemorating together. We must continue to tell the story of the young paratroopers who took a leap into the unknown for us."