Airborne 2021 (English)

This year we commemorate 77 years of Operation Market Garden. From now on, September will be Airborne month in Ede. With three major remembrance events, that we connect through Cultural and Educational ‘Dropzones’ throughout the city. This is how we share the unique story of the 1944 Airborne Landings in Ede: Airborne, on the way to Freedom!

Whether and which COVID measures should be taken by then is unknown to us at this moment in time. Hopefully it will be one of the first opportunities to visit events in our region again. A selection the activities will be taking place online and should not be affected by any COVID measures. Follow our social media accounts and this website for updates on the events.

The three events are:

  1. The Heideweek Airborne Evening with the Orkest Koninklijke Luchtmacht on the last Friday in the Heideweek for local veterans and residents of Ede (August 27th)
  2. The Airborne Landings and Commemoration at the Ginkel Heath for veterans, residents and (inter) national guests. (September 18th)
  3. The Pegasus Walking Festival at Akoesticum with three different routes, with the story being retold along the way. (September 25th)

These three memorial events are linked by Cultural and Educational Dropzones. Such as a movie week, local theater, (outdoor) exhibitions, lectures, a booklet for children and the school day at the Ginkel Heath for local primary school students.